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What Not to Say When Asking for a Raise

Review of What to Avoid Saying When Asking for a Raise

Asking for a raise can be difficult as people often don’t know what to say or when to say it. A good time to bring it up is at an annual review. Sometimes this review may happen at your anniversary or at the end of the year. If you haven’t had a raise in a while or feel like you’re underpaid use this time to bring up you salary, but be careful with the words you use and avoid saying the following five things when asking for a raise.

“It’s not fair…”
“I’ve worked here for x years…”
“I know someone here who makes way more than me…”
“If I don’t get the raise I want I’m leaving…”
“You need more than I need you…”

Always go into a salary conversation with an open mind and use it as a discussion point. The above phrases all have a tone of entitlement and can make the person on the other side feel attacked.

You may very well be underpaid and deserve a raise, but have data to back it up. The most recent AAPA salary report showed an increase in PA salary by 5%. Is your salary keeping up with the average PA salary? If not, use the AAPA salary report or a combination of salary reports to show why your salary is not keeping up with the rest of the industry.

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Even better than using a salary report, use actual data of what you have brought into the practice. Talk to your billing department and see if they can give you a report on your collections the past year and how it compared to the prior year. Use real information to support why you deserve a raise.

If your end of year review is coming up be sure to prepare beforehand and have good reasoning for why you’re asking for a raise. If you love where you work be ok with not getting a raise. If you’re unsatisfied with your pay and working environment, know that there are other jobs out there and be ready to start looking for a new job if you don’t get the raise you want.

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