I decided to start this blog mostly for accountability in paying off my student debt and to help others who are PAs, PA Students, Students thinking about becoming a PA and other health care providers who are struggling with their finances.

Since graduating from Physician Assistant school I have had to learn how to navigate my way through my options for overcoming my debt.  When I first graduated I was not sure how I would ever overcome this amount of money but I believe it is possible. The current levels of national student debt is rising every day I and know that I’m not the only one struggling with this.

I have talked to many students who are interested in pursing an allied health profession and one of the questions that always comes up is “how much do you make?” It seems like the cost of education and potential salary is rarely talked about prior to starting but should be heavily weighed prior to committing to a future career.

Talking about money is often taboo and in some forums they don’t even allow you to comment about salary information. My hope is that through this website I can help others who are interested in becoming or already am a Physician Assistant, Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or other Health Care Provider understand the finances of what it takes to get through school and what it looks like after graduation; and to create an open forum where salary and other financial aspects can be discussed and shared.